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Executive Sous Chef needed in Farm to Fresh concept

Food a way of life

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Category : Executive Chef Salary : $55,000 Experience(s) : 2 Year


The executive sous chef is expected by the organization to perform a number of duties, which have been presented in the job description example below: Provide assistance to executive chef in all ramifications Oversee kitchen operations, which must be done in accordance with the organization’s standards Update the work schedule to be assigned to each cook. Ensure junior chefs adhere strictly to recipe review program of the organization Apply on daily basis the Culinary Check List designed by the restaurant to correct any food preparation error and to monitor processes involved in such food preparation Attach recipe review and culinary check list to culinary package for management reviews Properly monitor cooks’ working hours, note those who are punctual and those who work overtime to mark them out for the appropriate compensation Be available to oversee loading and to control fresh fish quality Ensure proper storage of fresh products and other food items Supervise junior chefs, relying on knowledge acquired over the years and in line with policies of the organization Provide the all-important training to newly recruited cooks and take note of how they progress Maintain consistency and quality in food taste in line with photos and recipes made available by the organization’s management Communicate with the Provision section daily, ensuring perishable items are used up timely enough Carry out consistent check up of coolers to ensure unexpected shortage is avoided Closely monitor process of food preparation Make use of special form provided by management to record all food leftover Provide food requisitions daily to the provision office to ensure adequate provisions are made for next day’s cooking

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We are currently seeking a strong, energetic Executive Sous Chef to fill a position in Oakland  with a quick service restaurant that uses all organically grown proteins. This company is a new and fast growing concept, raising all of their own proteins on their private farm located in Mt. Shasta, CA. They are looking for a strong leader that is comfortable and communicating  with guests/employees efficiently and enthusiastically.

Salary: $55,000